When we are married


April 18th - April 21st 2007


Carole Davies

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Info Edit

When we are married was written 1938 by J.B. Priestley set in the little Northern village of Clecklewyke.  The story follows the lifes of three old married couples who discover that the vicar who married them wasn't licenced and as such they have been living in sin ever since.  Hilarity ensures as the press arrive to interview the couples about their special wedding anniversary and the couples attempt to keep it all a secret when events continue to threaten to over whelm them.

Cast Edit

Ruby Birtle - Lyndsay Bowen
Gerald Forbes - Barry Tinkler
Mrs. Northrop - Lynn Davis
Nancy Holmes - Rosie Lewis
Fred Dyson - Freddie Thompson
Henry Ormonroyd - Jamie Griffiths
Alderman Joseph Halliwell - John Covey
Maria Helliwell - Brenda Hargraves
Councillor Albert Parker - Ricky Davey
Herbert Soppitt - Tony Makey
Clara Soppitt - Micki Darbyshire
Annie Parker - Andrea Kos
Lottie Grady - Louise Chalcraft
Rev. Clement Mercer - Dave Humphrey

Crew Edit

Director - Carole Davis
Stage Manager - Mike Gearing
Stage Crew - Gary Boniface and Alan Moss
Lighting - Brian Mercer
Props - Chris Moss
Set Design and Construction - Mike Gearing, Ricky Davey and Tony Makey
Publicity - Micki Darbyshire
Posters and Programs - Joy Covey and Tony Makey