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Martin began his theatre career in hollywood at the tender age of three in the 1969 production of Orson wells play "Controversial " where he played a three year old child.One critic in the La Herald said " Rarely had he seen such insightful acting it was like watching a child act"

Fame was not to last for young Martin and by the age of seven he was reduced to doing commercials for cat food, this lead to a chain of events that would take Martin to the brink of oscar nomination for his 1978 role as Martin in the Scorcese film Being Martin and then on to run for governor of Sacremento.

London 1986 was his next highlight when he was cast as Bonnie Langfords stunt double in Cats, but a series of high profile affairs and his love of Jack Daniels saw his career plummet to the the depths of pantomime,a spot on Chuckle vision and a bit part in the Bill.

Martin did not appear on stage again until the 2010 stage door production of The Unexpected Guest, where critics and fans alike either stayed awayor went who?

Martin next graced the stage with his visually stunning and overtly sexy portrayal of Albert Perkins in " Pull The Other One". A role which catapulted Martin into heart throb/ rugged love god and up to no 129 on the worlds sexiest man list.



And Evermore Shall be So - Rev. Edwin Summerfield


Back to the Sofa - Neville Entwhistle

Cat's Cradle - Inspector John Frost


Pull the Other One - Albert Perkins


The Unexpected Guest - Inspector Thomas


Martin was somehow able to reclaim some of his fame by winning the Stage-door Best Performance Award for his role as Albert Perkins in Pull the Other One, sharing it with Brenda Hargreaves. Several people believe that it was bribery that allowed him the win, others claim the thought of him in such minimal clothing sent the entire voting public into temporary insanity.

He won the Best Performance award for the second time, when he appeared as Inspector Frost in Cat's Cradle, in which he left the stage for an entire five minutes throughout the show.

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Martin Sworn - Albert Perkins - Pull the Other One

Brenda Hargreaves - Bodicea Heptinstall - Pull the Other One

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